Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Aah I just love this time of year!!! Swimming in the salty, cold ocean...reading a book by the sparkling pool... drinking ice cold drinks in front of a blowy fan... wearing floaty dresses that embody the essence of summer... everyone smiling because they're so happy summer's back again...

I'm going away this weekend to the beach with my two closest friends, Char , and Ash. It'll be 3 days of swimming, reading, sunbaking, eating, laughing, etc. I'm so excited (if you couldn't already tell) I'll be sure to post photos when I get back.

In the last few weeks a few things have been happening round my place...my sister Salem and her husband moved to a small town about 8 hours away for work. I miss them a lot especially in this season when it's so often about friends and family. But they'll be back for Christmas and holidays so that'll be lovely! Well, I'm off to dream and traipse around the sunny coast:)

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