Monday, November 8, 2010

Icecream and Ideals

I've had a revelation. Now once I reveal this priceless gem most of you will probably say something like, "Um, have you been living under a rock? How did you not know that already?!' But that's okay, it's just sunk in for me over the past couple of days and I feel the need to share it. Are you ready?

People think differently.

Groundbreaking, isn't it? I mean, I always knew there were the obvious differences like between males and females and their thinking but apart from that I've always sort of assumed the people around me process things the way I do, like the things I do, come to the same conclusions I do, etc... And if they don't then I obviously just didn't explain myself properly:)

It amazes me that icecream isn't everyone's favourite food, that not everyone gets inspired by the same movies or music, that not every girl loves the feeling of a swishy skirt or dress, and that not everyone thinks life should be lived and not just tolerated.

A couple of days ago, I was telling a good friend of mine a new perspective I have on life and basically that I thought that if everyone knew about it they'd abandon their old ways of thinking and jump on my fabulous bandwagon:) Unfortunately, the overjoyed, enlightened expression I expected to see on her face was not there. In its place was an interested, trying-to-be-supportive face with an undertone of sympathy to my enthusiastic ideals.

This is when my reaction of, "She just didn't get it and soon it'll register and she'll love the idea," kicked in. And only a few moments later my revelation began. People think differently because people are different. Just another musing I picked up on my daily travels!


  1. Yup! Know exactly where you're coming from...

    I still remember the first time I realized this, and even after initially having had this revelation, it'll continue to stump you whenever there is a situation where one is made aware of this again (and again and again).

    But hey, somehow sometimes it makes things all the more interesting :)

  2. haha, quite a revelation! I think this is the sort of thing that is so obvious and simple that most of us miss it completely. it's good to be reminded every once and a while!


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