Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm very sorry for my long absence my dears! I've missed hearing from you and I'm sorry I haven't been active on your blogs either.

It's amazing how life can take you down roads you could never imagine and yet once you're traipsing down them you look around and think "This is home..." I feel like after months of feeling not quite contented and strangely unsettled, to really finding my place in life, in my family and my friends. It's a gradual process but I must say it feels quite wonderful. And so because we are now coming into spring here are some 'springy' pictures to put a spring in your step and a lightness in your heart:)



  1. Beautiful pictures. Those times of "finding our way" are some of the sweetest in life. Best wishes to you! (Also my address changed while you were away and I now have a new blog site) Enjoy the approach of spring. Here, we are clinging to the last days of summer. Fall is my favorite though so I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I'm glad you have found your way lovely! I'm struggling a little with that myself.
    I'm glad your back to blogging too.
    Its Autumn here and I'm really looking forward to it actually - it's my favourite season!
    Stay lovely xx

  3. Lovely lovely lovely Mercy. I'm feeling like I'm at a very similar place, and have been for a while. Miss you! xxx

  4. Aw, I had this feeling not too long ago as well! It takes some time, but I'm glad you are on your way back! These images are just so lovely! It makes me wish it was spring again in California, but I am rather excited about the upcoming autumn season as well..

    Best wishes!


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