Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magical Evenings

(Images from weheartit)

Last night I was sitting out in our garden just before the world became completely dark and I must say I think it's the most magical time of the day! I watched as the first star came out and it made me think how lovely and simple life is... Your mind thinks of so many enchanting, lovely, flowery (not really an adjective but you know what I mean) thoughts. I would say I wish the whole day was like that but that would take the magic out of it, don't you think? Anyway that was my mind-wandering for the day:)

P.S. Listening to Regina Spektor's Better! Love that song and I feel like it's in a movie or tv show I've seen but I can't place it...


  1. Oh Mercy you have a lovely lovely blog here. Thank you ever so much for your kind comment and for following me - it means a lot.
    This post is lovely. Your evening sounds so beautiful and magical, and the pictures are perfect too. I would be happy to follow your blog too!

  2. Megan, thanks so much for your comment! You're my first follower who I don't know personally and it means so much to me:) Looking forward to staying in touch!


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