Thursday, September 23, 2010

Squeezing My Heart Into Little Inkdrops

Whenever I feel a little discouraged about the world and sometimes, the people in it; 7 billion strangers all being selfish and striving after what's best for them, something happens that restores my faith in mankind and human kindness!

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail (there's such a thrill in receiving a hand-written letter, don't you think?) from someone I've never talked to. It was a letter of encouragement and thanks for something I'd done for this lady's son and daighter-in-law and I was so touched by it I had to share that with you all:) It continually blows me away when people are very selfless and thoughtful.
Another story of selflessness, last week I was working and a gentleman came up to the counter and gave me a $50 note to use for the ladies behind him in line, towards their purchases. When I told the ladies that they just could not stop smiling and in turn it made me so happy to be able to be a part of the blessing:)

I apologise for the length of this post but I encourage you to reach out in kindness today because it makes all the difference:) Maybe even post a letter of your own...


  1. I'm gonna reach out in kindness today! Glad that you shared this post - a lovely way to begin my day! :) In India its 8 AM!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and btw you have a pretty blog yourself! Keep writing! :)

  2. lovely post! i love those pictures!

  3. This is so lovely. Sometimes its the little things like that the make the biggest difference, and glue smiles on your face for days.
    Thank you for sharing Mercy, this is really so lovely.

  4. oh, these are so lovely! it is amazing to hear stories like this, random acts of kindness between strangers is so inspiring to me!


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