Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold...

There's something about a new journal or notebook that frees my mind and makes me think of endless possibilities. Pure, clean paper just waiting to be filled with dreams, ideas, random thoughts that jump out of my brain...


  1. Very true. They're awesome! ^_^

  2. Indeed I agree entirely. A fresh start, even for something as simple as a journal can be very exciting.
    The pictures are beautiful, especially the last one. x

  3. yes, i agree! i buy far too many blank notebooks, and end up not using half of them for real things. but having them is such a lovely feeling :)

  4. i have been keeping a journal since the second grade, and used to buy the same plainish journal eveytime i needed a new one, but am thinking i should probably take advantage of all the gorgeous journals out there!


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