Saturday, June 5, 2010

Snowflake Dream

Winter has officially come to my little corner of the world. I've never seen snow and there's no chance of it where I live in sunny Queensland but here are some things I'd love to do if I ever got the chance to be around snow!
1. Have a white Christmas...I've read and watched so many lovely, inspirational scenes from Christmas in North America or England that I want to experience that magic just once.
2. Build a snowman complete with carrot mouth, coal eyes and little twigs sticking out of his sides:)
3. Have a snowball fight with my friends and get that cold, rosy glow then go inside the warm house for hot chocolate

4. Learn to ice skate properly and skate on frozen ponds that will inevitably be near my dream winter house...
5. Walk through a still, snow-covered meadow, look back and see the trail of my footprints and capture it in a photograph...
6. Sit in front of a crackling, fireplace, eating a hearty meal and laughing with my family:)


  1. :) lovely winter pictures and thoughts..
    Winters where I live are quite intense! , this reminds me that I can appreciate them too ;p

    <3 Raia

  2. This is perfect. I love snow, i'm english so a freezing cold christmas is a given. I always wanted to live inside a snowglobe when i was small. Thank you for this lovely post and your sweet words on my blog.x.x

  3. Hello! Thank you for stopping by Steam Spectre. This is such a lovely place too! Winter is having a difficult time leaving my corner of the world and I'm ready for some steady sunshine. I do love the coziness of a nice brisk day though. Looking forward to visiting often!

  4. I hope that someday you can do all those things! Lovely pictures! I love them! And your thoughts are very beautiful!


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