Friday, June 11, 2010

I thought it was about time for my first photography post so here goes...

These gorgeous, light-filled photos are captured by Alicia Bock

She uses vintage and polaroid cameras to create that beautiful soft, fuzzy look.

Tonight I'm going to hunker down with one of my best friends who I haven't seen in some time, drink tea, eat chocolate and watch a girly movie...
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend xo


  1. that sounds like a perfect evening, pure indulgence. i hope you have a great time. x

  2. these are gorgeous pictures, love the colours and lighting xx

  3. hey my dear thank u for stopping by my blog im sorry its taken me so long to stop by urs! these photos are so pretty!! :) x

  4. These pictures are beautiful! I wish I had a vintage polaroid camera, but alas.. they are far too expensive x


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