Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vintage Fair

I went to my first Vintage Fair last Sunday! It was so amazing seeing real old clothes and how people would've worn them. And lets not forget the accessories...! There were hats, rings, buttons, bags, gloves, shoes and anything else you needed to transport yourself back in time.

I only bought one thing because the downside to all this old-fashioned finery is it's price. However, I desperately wanted my very own fifties dress that I could whip out for all my hostessing duties.

So I'm sitting here, typing, wearing my dress because I just can't bear the thought of going upstairs and changing into the now boring, everyday clothes we have to wear. I've decided I'm going to start sewing some dresses so I can build up my fifties wardrobe!

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  1. Oh I love vintage fairs! I've been to quite a few and I adore them. All the different stalls with different clothes of every era's.
    Your dress is lovely, it suits you so well my dear.
    I really ought to start sewing my own dresses too x

  2. The dress looks very good on you.^^

  3. OOOOH That dress is so adorable on you! Do you ever visit to look for vintage-esque dresses? They might ship to Australia. You are adorable!

    xo Bri


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