Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fabulous Fifties

I've decided I was born in the wrong era! As much as I love technology, tv shows, and all the mod-cons we have these days, I think I'd much prefer to live in the fifties. The fashion, the music, the dancing, the lifestyle, the inevitable string of pearls that every good housewife wouldn't dare show her face without... It all seems so idyllic and beautiful. But of course, unless someone's built a time-travelling machine that I don't know about, I guess I'll just have to be content with 2010. I wonder if future generations will look back and want to live in our time?


  1. You have a lovely blog, dear! The last dress is a stunner! I often wonder the same thing- whether people will long to live in this generation years and years from now. While I can't even wrap my mind around why anyone would desire such a thing, I'm sure it will be so!


  2. Oh, and thank you so much for following me! I will be sure to add you to my blog list!

  3. Love the last one, I want to wear it!

  4. Thanks so much Penelope for your lovely comment! I know I can't imagine people wanting to live now either but you never know...

    I love the last one too! It's the best 50's dress I've ever seen:) I wonder how hard it would be to make...:)

  5. My goodness I feel the same, although I decided that long ago. I couldn't pick a decade but I do like the 50's.
    I agree with the other posts, the last dress is my favourite!


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